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Viernes — Fri­day

Friday viernes spanish english

Con­tin­u­ing in our days-of-the-week se­ries, there is fi­nal­ly Fri­day — the night we love to go out on. In­deed, this is ba­si­cal­ly the mean­ing of this week­day name, in both Span­ish and Eng­lish!

The Span­ish viernes for the last day be­fore the Week­end comes from Latin for the day of the God­dess “Venus”, the God­dess of Love, of course (who went by the name of Aphrodite in Greece).

And the Eng­lish Fri­day comes from the old Ger­man­ic for the Day of Fry­ga — Fry­ga was the Ger­man­ic God­dess of Love, their equiv­a­lent of Venus!

We can see the par­al­lel with the V‑R in viernes and the F‑R in Fri­day. The Ger­man­ic F‑s al­so of­ten maps to Latin V‑s.


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