About Us

Nerds — like us! — have very par­tic­u­lar ways of learn­ing and un­der­stand­ing things: we like it for­mu­la­ic, al­go­rith­mic. We like pat­terns — they help us un­der­stand where things come from and where they’re go­ing. Plus they’re fun.

Lan­guage, it turns out, is one big pat­tern. Sounds change over cen­turies in reg­u­lar, pre­dic­tive ways. If we know where a sound or word comes from in Eng­lish, and we find the par­al­lels and re­la­tion­ships in oth­er lan­guages then sud­den­ly, weird, ran­dom words be­come easy to un­der­stand.

This is how we taught our­selves Span­ish — and we want to share this method with the world!


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