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Vez and Vice-Ver­sa

Vez (Span­ish for “turn (in a line/queue)”, as in “next in line”) comes from the Latin for the same: vi­cis.

From this root vi­cis we get a few Eng­lish words, in­clud­ing:

  • Vice-Ver­sa — with ver­sa (“against”), so this lit­er­al­ly means, “it’s your turn against him!”
  • Vi­cis­si­tude — thought about this way, vi­cis­si­tudes are re­al­ly just peo­ple tak­ing turns back and forth, right?
  • Vice — as in “Vice Pres­i­dent”. He whose turn is next!
  • Vic­ar­i­ous — it’s some­one else’s turn in­stead of yours!
  • Vic­ar — he’s re­al­ly just the guy whose turn it is to sub­sti­tute for the re­al priest!

The v‑c root is vis­i­ble in all vari­a­tions.


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