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Ve­stirse and Vest, In­vest, Trav­es­ty, Trans­ves­tite

Ve­stirse (Span­ish for, “to get dressed”) comes from the Latin for the same, Ve­stire. Some fun Eng­lish words that come from the same root in­clude:

Vest– It makes sense since it is an ar­ti­cle of cloth­ing!

In­vest– This orig­i­nal­ly meant, “to clothe” and was used in a metaphor­i­cal sense mean­ing, “to sur­round”. Your in­vestors do sur­round you every moment–literally!

Trav­es­ty– This one is less ob­vi­ous. Trav­es­ty orig­i­nal­ly meant, “dressed in a way to pur­pose­ful­ly look ridicu­lous”. Ah! It does tie-in to cloth­ing!

Trans­ves­tite– Dressed in the cloth­ing of… oh you know how this one ends 🙂


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