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Vendimia and Vin­tage

The Span­ish vendimia (“a har­vest of wine”) comes from the Latin vinum (“wine” — from which we get words like vi­no — “wine” — in Span­ish) com­bined with de­mere, which meant, “to take out”. So the wine har­vest is lit­er­al­ly, the tak­ing out of the wine.

The in­ter­est­ing part is that, from these same two roots, we get the Eng­lish… vin­tage. You may think of vin­tage cars or vin­tage cloth­ing — but it re­al­ly just does re­fer to, tak­ing out wine.

We can see the v‑n-d of vendimia maps to the v‑n-t of vin­tage.


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