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Trazar and Trace

The Span­ish trazar (“to draw up”) comes from the Latin trac­tus (“draw­ing.”) From that same root we get a few Eng­lish words, in­clud­ing, trace. The t‑r-z to t‑r-c map­ping is very clear here.

What’s more in­ter­est­ing are the oth­er words that come from the Latin trac­tus. These in­clude:

  • Trait — A trait, af­ter all, is just an out­line of your per­son­al­i­ty
  • Train — Think of the word “draw,” but in the oth­er sense: the horse draws the car­riage.
  • Trat­to­ria — The Ital­ian restau­rant draws you in with its awe­some food!
  • Tract — When you’ve drawn out your bor­ders over land
  • Treat — When you’ve drawn what you want out of the pa­tient

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