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Traer and Trac­tion, Trac­tor

The Span­ish traer, mean­ing “to bring,” comes from the Latin tra­here, mean­ing “to drag.”

From the Latin root, we al­so get a few re­lat­ed Eng­lish words that aren’t ob­vi­ous at first glance:

  • Trac­tor: What is a trac­tor if not a ma­chine that brings or drags ma­chin­ery around the plot of farm­land?
  • Trac­tion: What is trac­tion if not some­thing mov­ing so quick that it drags every­one else up along with it?

Note that the ‑h- van­ished when the Latin turned in­to Span­ish but be­came a ‑ct- when the Latin be­came Eng­lish. Thus the t‑r-[nothing] of traer maps to the t‑r-ct of the Eng­lish words.


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