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Sue­lo, Sub­sue­lo and Sole, Soil

Sue­lo is Span­ish for “floor” al­though it is not too com­mon (piso is the more com­mon word). But, very com­mon is sub­sue­lo — the sub-floor, that is: the base­ment.

This is, un­ex­pect­ed­ly, re­lat­ed to a few Eng­lish words.

Sue­lo comes from the Latin solum, mean­ing “ground.”

From solum, we get two Eng­lish words:

First, soil — yes, the soil is what is on the ground be­low you!

Sec­ond, sole — as in the sole of your shoe. This, too, is be­low you as you walk.

In both, we clear­ly see the s‑l root stay­ing con­sis­tent.


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