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Som­brero, Som­bra and Um­brel­la, Um­brage

The Span­ish Som­brero comes from the Latin pre­fix sub- (“un­der”) with the Latin um­bra (“shade, shad­ow.”) We al­so get the Span­ish som­bra (“shade”) from that same root, as well.

From that same root um­bra, we get the Eng­lish… um­brel­la. The um­brel­la does pro­tect you from the sun, ac­tu­al­ly — think of 19th cen­tu­ry aris­to­crat­ic women walk­ing around with their sun­light um­brel­las!

We al­so get, from the same root, the Eng­lish to take um­brage — to get an­gry. Why? The bad things that hap­pened that got you an­gry usu­al­ly hap­pened… in the shad­ows.

The u‑mbr root is clear­ly vis­i­ble in all the vari­a­tions.


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