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Sen­tarse and Sad­dle

Sen­tarse, Span­ish for “to sit”, comes from the root *sed‑, mean­ing the same.

The sur­pris­ing Eng­lish cog­nate is… sad­dle. A sad­dle is what you do sit in, in­deed!

This map­ping is not ob­vi­ous at first, but you can see that the s‑d root of sad­dle maps to the s-(n)-t of sen­tarse. An­glo-Sax­ons are short­er and to the point–as usu­al.

Eng­lish does have an­oth­er word from the same root, but it comes via the Latin and is thus more pre­ten­tious and clos­er to the Span­ish: seden­tary. A ver­i­ta­ble SAT word!


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