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San­guche and Sand­wich

The Span­ish for sand­wich is sán­guche — just the Eng­lish word, as it is pro­nounced in Span­ish. That one is easy!

How­ev­er, what is note­wor­thy is that the ‑w- be­comes a ‑g-. At first, that seems odd. But then, we re­mem­ber the ‑w- to ‑g- trans­for­ma­tion: that in a lot of Ger­man­ic words, when they’re brought in­to Span­ish, the ‑w- sound be­comes a ‑g- sound. Think war/guerra, for a great ex­am­ple.

Sud­den­ly, the weird let­ter change makes sense!


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