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Salir, Saltar — As­sault, Salient

Salir, the com­mon Span­ish word mean­ing, “to leave” sounds like it has noth­ing to do with any­thing. Or does it?

Salir comes from the Latin salire mean­ing the same, “to jump”. Sur­prise, sur­prise.

From this same Latin root was get a bunch of fun Eng­lish words, in­clud­ing:

  • As­sault — an as­sault is lit­er­al­ly some­one jump­ing out at you!
  • As­sail — the same as an as­sault!
  • Salient — that which stands out at you is, lit­er­al­ly, that which jumps out at you!

We al­so get an­oth­er Span­ish word from the same root: saltar (“to jump”). You can see the s‑l map­ping across all de­scen­dants of the word!


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