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Ru­bio and Ru­by

The Span­ish ru­bio (mean­ing “blond,” as in the hair col­or) comes from the Latin rubeus, mean­ing “red”.

How did “red” come to mean “blond”? In a world where every­one has very dark black hair… it’s easy to see how every­one could con­flate blond hair and red hair. The Ro­mans did­n’t know the Irish!

From the same Latin root, we get var­i­ous Eng­lish words in­clud­ing Ru­by, the stone and guess what col­or it is? And al­so Rubric, which were orig­i­nal­ly re­li­gious di­rec­tions that were writ­ten in… guess what col­or ink?


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