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Quedar and Qui­et

Quedar (Span­ish for “to re­main”) comes from the Latin qui­etare (mean­ing, “to rest”), from which we al­so get the Eng­lish… qui­et.

It is clear how a word mean­ing “to rest” be­comes qui­et — it’s hard to rest when there are jack­ham­mers out­side, as there co­in­ci­den­tal­ly are right now! — but how does a word mean­ing “to rest” be­come “to re­main”?

The an­swer has to do with the no­tion of, what re­mains af­ter every­thing else leaves. The food is siz­zling hot — but it’s the qui­et, sad pieces just sit­ting there, that no one wants, that re­main. There’s a lot of noise and ruckus — and when all is said and done, on­ly si­lence re­mains. Life is tale, full of sound and fury… and noth­ing re­mains (the Bard al­most wrote!).

We can clear­ly see the qu‑d of quedar map to the qu‑t of qui­et.


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