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Obra — Ma­neu­ver

Opera obra spanish englishThe com­mon Span­ish word obra, for “a work” (in the sense of, “a work of art”) or “some­thing done with ef­fort” sounds pret­ty ran­dom at first. But if you think about it…

Obra comes the Latin opus, mean­ing “work” (in the same sense). From opus, we get var­i­ous Eng­lish words in­clud­ing:

  • Opus (ob­vi­ous­ly) — used in mu­sic to mean the same.
  • Opera — it was orig­i­nal­ly just a work of mu­sic!
  • Ma­neu­ver — al­so re­lat­ed to the Span­ish mano, for hand: it is a work you cre­ate with your hands, lit­er­al­ly!
  • Op­er­a­tion — yes, an op­er­a­tion is some­thing you’ve cre­at­ed.

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