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Hon­go — Fun­gus

The Span­ish hon­go, for “mush­room,” does­n’t sound any­thing like its Eng­lish coun­ter­part “mush­room.” But it does come from the Latin fun­gus from which we get the Eng­lish syn­onym for mush­room… fun­gus.

The re­la­tion be­tween hon­go and fun­gus is easy to re­mem­ber if we re­mem­ber that, as Latin evolved in­to Span­ish, the ini­tial f- (fol­lowed by a vow­el) usu­al­ly trans­formed in­to an h-. Thus, the f‑n-g for fun­gus maps ex­act­ly to the h‑n-g of hon­go.


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