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Hipote­ca and Theme

The Span­ish hipote­ca for “mort­gage” comes from the Greek hy­po- (“down”) and tithenai (“to put, place”). Why? A mort­gage is when you put down a de­posit, and you put down your com­mit­ment to pay it off un­til it’s all paid down.

From the root tithenai we al­so get the Eng­lish… theme. A theme is when you put down one top­ic you will con­sis­tent­ly re­turn to dur­ing the course of the event!

This et­y­mol­o­gy is al­most as good as the Eng­lish equiv­a­lent, mort­gage… which lit­er­al­ly means, pledge un­til you’re dead. Yup, the same mort- as in death! A mort­gage is — lit­er­al­ly — what you’ll be pay­ing un­til you die!


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