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Hi­er­ro and Fer­rari

Hierro ferrari english spanish

Hi­er­ro is just Span­ish for “iron”.

Here’s where it gets in­ter­est­ing: the Latin words be­gin­ning with f- gen­er­al­ly turned in­to the silent h- in Span­ish but not in the oth­er Ro­man­tic lan­guages, and thus hi­er­ro (from the Latin fer­rum) is re­lat­ed to:

  • Fer­ro­car­ril — Span­ish for rail­road. It maps al­most per­fect­ly to the Eng­lish: fer­ro for fer­rum, “iron”; and car­ril for road, way, or path (think of the com­mon Span­ish word for path or way, car­rera).
  • Fer­rari — the lux­u­ry sports car from Italy, is named af­ter their found­ing fam­i­ly’s last name. And that last name, in Ital­ian, orig­i­nal­ly meant… iron-work­er.

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