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Her­moso and Form

The Span­ish for “beau­ti­ful”, her­mosa, seems un­re­lat­ed to the Eng­lish for the same. Or is it?

Her­mosa comes from the Latin for “beau­ti­ful” for­mo­sus.

We can see this pat­tern be­cause it is an ex­am­ple of the Ini­tial F to H pat­tern, where many Latin words that be­gan with F- turned in­to H- in Span­ish.

Ah­hh, that makes sense: For­mosa, in Ar­genti­na re­al­ly means, “Beau­ti­ful”, and this al­so ex­plains the Por­tuguese for beau­ti­ful (al­so for­mosa) as well: Por­tuguese nev­er lost that ini­tial F.

The Latin for­mo­sus it­self comes from the root for­ma, mean­ing, well, “form”. So, beau­ty, it­self, is just your pure form. At least in Span­ish.


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