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Ham­bre — Famine

Famine hunger spanish english

The Span­ish ham­bre, for “hunger”, makes sense if you know two dif­fer­ent pat­terns.

First­ly, the ini­tial f‑to‑h pat­tern: words that be­gan with an f- then a vow­el in Latin tend­ed to have the f- turned in­to an h- when Span­ish evolved in­to Latin. Huir and Fugi­tive is an­oth­er ex­am­ple of that pat­tern.

Sec­ond­ly, the mn-to-mbr pat­tern: when the let­ters in Latin “m” and “n” ap­pear to­geth­er, of­ten sep­a­rat­ed by a vow­el, they usu­al­ly be­came “mbr” as a unit in Span­ish.

Thus the f‑m-n of famine maps di­rect­ly to the h‑m-b‑r of ham­bre.


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