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Guapo and Va­pid

Guapo (Span­ish for “beau­ti­ful,” at least in Span­ish out­side of Ar­genti­na) comes from the Latin vap­pa which meant, “fla­vor­less wine.” (The Ro­mans must have drunk a lot in or­der to have a word that just means, wine that has no fla­vor!).

From that same Latin root vap­pa, we get the mod­ern Eng­lish word… va­pid. A va­pid thought is, af­ter all, fla­vor­less.

Al­though on­ly the ‑p- root re­mains in both words, we can see how the ‑v- sound trans­formed in­to the ‑g- sound (both are sim­i­lar), while it re­mained in­tact in the Eng­lish va­pid.


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