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Gas­tar and Waste

Gas­tar (Span­ish for “to spend”) has an in­ter­est­ing first cousin: waste.

Both come from Latin vastare (“to lay to waste”) which in turn comes from vas­tus (“emp­ty.”)

The v- sound of vastare turned in­to a gu- sound as Latin turned in­to Span­ish. But in Eng­lish, this French word took on the more Ger­man­ic w- sound. Thus, al­though not di­rect­ly de­scend­ed from Ger­man, it does fol­low the com­mon g-/w- pat­tern (guer­ra/war).

We can thus see the g‑st map to the w‑st clear­ly.

Af­ter all: spend­ing mon­ey is wast­ing mon­ey!


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