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Faro — Light­house

Lighthouse faron spanish english

Light­house in Span­ish is Faro. Seems to­tal­ly ran­dom, does­n’t it? Well…

The great­est and most fa­mous light­house in his­to­ry was, of course one of the 7 Won­ders of the World, the in­fa­mous Light­house at Alexan­dria, in an­cient Egypt.

And the an­cient Latins — know­ing all about and in awe of the amaz­ing light­house- re­ferred to it by the ti­tle of the man who built it which was, of course, the King of Egypt. And they called their Kings, Pharaohs!

Pharaoh — yes, the same Pharaoh fea­tured in the Old Tes­ta­ment who en­slaved the Jews and thus of course gave them the hol­i­day of Passover — in Span­ish is writ­ten faraón. Thus, giv­ing rise to the word faro for light­house.


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