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En­con­trar — Ac­quaint

Al­though en­con­trar, the com­mon Span­ish word for “to meet”, does­n’t sound like its Eng­lish coun­ter­part, it does have an un­ex­pect­ed first cousin: ac­quaint.

Both come from the same Latin root for the same (in con­tra), al­though the Eng­lish one comes to us via the French in­flu­ence: acoin­tier.

Thus, we can see that the en-c-n-t‑r maps to a‑c­qu-n‑t some­what close­ly: the fi­nal -r dis­ap­peared as the French word evolved in­to the Eng­lish word, and the open­ing en- (in- in Latin) be­came the sim­pler a-.

Some­one you meet, af­ter all, is in­deed your ac­quain­tance.

There is, how­ev­er, an­oth­er Eng­lish word that is clos­er to en­con­trar al­though per­haps less ob­vi­ous un­til you hear it: en­counter!


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