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Em­pu­jar and Push

The Span­ish em­pu­jar (“to push”) has the same com­mon an­ces­tor as the Eng­lish for the same, push: the Latin pul­sare.

Pul­sare meant, in Latin, “to beat”. A push is a sort of beat, in both sens­es: a punch and, a punch hap­pen­ing over and over again!

From the same root we al­so get the Eng­lish, to pulse, of course. As does… im­pulse. Yes, an im­pulse is in­deed a strong punch!

The sound here is a vari­a­tion of the sh-to‑j pat­tern, where vari­a­tions of the s/x/sh/soft‑g sound in Latin turned in­to the “j” in Span­ish (via the Ara­bic in­flu­ence) but re­mained the same as it trans­formed from Latin in­to ed­u­cat­ed Eng­lish. Hence the “sh” sound in “push”!


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