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Em­patar and Pact

Em­patar (Span­ish for “to tie” — in the sense of, both teams scor­ing equal­ly) comes from the Latin pactum for, well, “pact, deal”.

The con­nec­tion be­tween teams be­ing tied and a pact is in­ter­est­ing: both im­ply an equal­i­ty. A pact is a deal that both teams ben­e­fit from equal­ly, be­cause if they did­n’t, they just would­n’t en­ter in­to the pact! With­out equal­i­ty be­tween the sides, it’s not a pact; it’s a “treaty”!

The p‑t of em­patar maps to the p‑ct of pact, with the ‑ct- sound be­ing sim­pli­fied in­to just ‑t-, as of­ten hap­pened.


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