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Di­sheveled and Ca­bel­lo

Di­sheveled — as in, hav­ing messy hair! — comes from the same Latin root as the Span­ish ca­bel­lo, mean­ing “hair” or “a head of hair.” Both of these come from the Latin capil­lus, mean­ing hair.

We can see the pat­tern more clear­ly if we re­mem­ber the dis- pre­fix at the be­gin­ning of di­sheveled: thus the (d)-sh-v‑l of di­sheveled maps to the c‑p-ll of capel­lo.

Al­so from the same Latin root capil­lus, we get the Eng­lish cap­il­lary. A cap­il­lary, af­ter all, looks just like a thin strand of hair.


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