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Der­re­tir and Trite

Der­re­tir (Span­ish for “to melt”) comes from the Latin terere, “to rub, wear down.” That which is melt­ed is worn down, af­ter all.

Some in­ter­est­ing words we get from the same root in Eng­lish in­clude:

  • Trite. What is some­thing trite if not, some­thing that is worn down by overusage, fig­u­ra­tive­ly?
  • Con­trite is when you use so few words, that your sen­tences are worn away!
  • At­tri­tion is when your em­ploy­ees are worn away, bit by bit
  • Detri­ment is ba­si­cal­ly the worn out re­mains!
  • Tribu­la­tions are re­al­ly when you are worn down by your trou­bles!

We can see the r‑t root in all these vari­a­tions.


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