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Cumplir and Ac­com­plish, Com­plete

Cumplir, the com­mon Span­ish mean­ing, “to fin­ish [do­ing some­thing]” is — in a mo­ment of, “ah! It’s ob­vi­ous now that you’ve told me!’ — a close cousin of the Eng­lish, ac­com­plish.

Both come from the Latin mean­ing “to com­plete,” ac­com­plere, which comes from the old­er Latin root com­plere, mean­ing, “to fill up” — from which we al­so get the Eng­lish com­plete.

Thus, the c‑m-pl of cumplir maps to the c‑m-pl of ac­com­plish. Not to men­tion, the c‑m-pl of com­plete as well.


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