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Coraz贸n and Heart

So, this is one of my personal all-time favorite etymologies. Just sayin鈥.

The Spanish for 鈥渉eart,鈥 coraz贸n, and the English heart itself, both come from the same original root.

Huh? How? But they鈥檙e so different!

Both come from the Proto-Indo-European *kerd-, meaning the same. The key to understanding this one is remembering the pattern that the k- sounds from PIE tended to remain the same in Latin, but changed to the h- sound as it evolved into German and then English. Take, for example, hundred/century, for example.

Thus, the h鈥憆-t of heart maps to the c鈥憆-z of coraz贸n.

From the same root is鈥 courage. yup, that c鈥憆 is the same c鈥憆. So courage is indeed something that comes from the heart.


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