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Co­brar and Re­cu­per­ate

The Span­ish co­brar (“to charge”; in the sense of, to charge a fee or col­lect a pay­ment) comes from the old­er Span­ish re­co­brar (mean­ing, “to re­cu­per­ate”) — which it­self comes from the Latin re­cu­per­are for the same “to re­cu­per­ate.”

We can see the c‑b-r map­ping to the c‑p-r clear­ly, since the ‑c- and ‑p- are of­ten in­ter­changed.

Les­son: charg­ing for some­thing is re­al­ly just re­cu­per­at­ing mon­ey that is owed to you any­way!


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