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Cam­biare and Change

Cam­biar and the Eng­lish for the same, change, both come from the same root: cam­biare, Latin, al­so mean­ing change.

Al­though this may not be ob­vi­ous at first, we can see the map­ping in the c‑m-b of cam­biar and the ch-n‑g of change. The ‑m- and ‑n- are of­ten in­ter­changed; and the ‑g- and ‑b- both have that soft sound where you can hear how one can eas­i­ly turn in­to the oth­er, al­though it is a bit less com­mon.

Why did the c- of the Latin turn in­to the ch- in change? Oh, easy: be­cause it came to Eng­lish via the French! And French has it own sets of pat­terns of course!


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