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Bur­ro and Bur­ri­to

Bur­ro is the Span­ish for “don­key” and it is — shock­ing, shock­ing! — re­lat­ed to the Eng­lish… bur­ri­to, that Mex­i­can food we all know and love. The Span­ish it­self comes from bur­rus for the crimson/maroon col­or, which comes from the Greek py­ros for “fire.”

But how did a don­key be­come a bur­ri­to?

The an­swer is lost to the an­nals of his­to­ry but the two most com­mon the­o­ries are: they look like those packs that you roll up and hang on ei­ther side of a don­key; or they look like don­key’s ears. In ei­ther case, the im­agery should make the word easy to re­mem­ber!


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