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Bor­ra­cho and Ine­bri­at­ed

The fun, and every­day, Span­ish word bor­ra­cho is.… drunk. Al­though it sounds noth­ing like the Eng­lish “drunk” it does have a sub­tle cousin in Eng­lish: ine­bri­at­ed. Al­though they don’t look the same we can see the par­al­lel if we look with squint­ed eyes:

The b‑r-ch root of bor­ra­cho maps to the b‑r in (in)-b-r‑t. The Eng­lish ver­sion sounds more Lati­nate be­cause we added the in- pre­fix for em­pha­sis at the be­gin­ning.


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