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As­queroso and Scar

As­queroso is the com­mon Span­ish word mean­ing “dis­gust­ing.” ¡Qué as­queroso! is the com­mon Span­ish ex­cla­ma­tion of dis­gust, as is its close­ly-re­lat­ed cousin, ¡Que as­co!

As­queroso (and as­co) come from the Latin es­chara, mean­ing, “scab” (which it­self is from the Greek es­khara mean­ing the same).

From the same Latin (and Greek) root, we al­so get the Eng­lish… scar.

So, in Span­ish, some­thing that is so dis­gust­ing lit­er­al­ly scars you!

We can see the map­ping in the s‑qu‑r of as­queroso to the s‑c-r of scar.


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