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Ami­go and Friend

To­day’s et­y­mol­o­gy is sim­ple and to the point — and, for me at least, was com­plete­ly un­ex­pect­ed:

Ami­go (Span­ish for “friend”), comes from the Latin amare, “to love,” a com­mon word we see every­where, as in amor and amante.

So, a “friend” is lit­er­al­ly some­one you love.

The best part is that there is an ex­act par­al­lel to Eng­lish as well: the Eng­lish friend comes from the Old Ger­man­ic word fri­jo­janan mean­ing… “to love”. From this Ger­man­ic root mean­ing “to love” we get var­i­ous dis­tant­ly re­lat­ed words in Eng­lish, like Fri­day (the day of Love — just like how in Span­ish, viernes is named af­ter Venus, the god­dess of love) as well as free­dom. Free­dom is some­thing we love… just like our friend.


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