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Acabar — Bring To A Head

Acabar — the every­day Span­ish word mean­ing “just”, “fin­ish”, and, wait for it “to ejac­u­late” (don’t ask how I learned the last de­f­i­n­i­tion!) — comes from the Latin ca­put, mean­ing “head”.

Thus, it has a par­al­lel in the Eng­lish ex­pres­sion: to bring to a head. Al­though that phrase does­n’t ex­act­ly mean to fin­ish (it means, to force a de­ci­sion to be made, ba­si­cal­ly), it is a sim­i­lar con­cept: bring­ing about a to­tal­i­ty that fin­ish­es or just about fin­ish­es some­thing that had been hap­pen­ing.

Thus et­y­mol­o­gy proves the com­mon sense wis­dom that, it’s easy to start some­thing… but it re­quires re­al in­tel­li­gence, a head, to fin­ish what you start.


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