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Abo­ga­do and Ad­vo­cate

Span­ish for “lawyer,” abo­ga­do is a cousin of the Eng­lish un­com­mon syn­onym for the same, ad­vo­cate (think of it in the noun sense).

Both come from the same Latin root: ad­vo­ca­tus, which is a com­bi­na­tion of ad- (“to­wards”) and vo­care (“to call”: think of voice, vo­cal, vo­ca­tion — lit­er­al­ly, your call­ing!). So a lawyer, or ad­vo­cate, lit­er­al­ly meant, “one called [to help oth­ers]”.

Al­though the sound map­pings may not be ob­vi­ous at first, we can see that the a‑b-g‑d of abo­ga­do maps to the a‑v-c‑t of ad­vo­cate.


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