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Vin­cu­lo and Wind

The Span­ish vín­cu­lo (“a link, con­nec­tion, some­thing that binds some­thing to some­thing else”) comes from the Latin for the same, vin­cu­lum.

A dis­tant­ly re­lat­ed word is the Eng­lish wind — not in the sense of what blows in your face on a windy day but rather in the sense of wind­ing a clock (re­mem­ber those an­cient clocks?). Wind (again, in this sense) comes from the Pro­to-In­do-Eu­ro­pean *wendh- (“to turn, weave, or wind”)  from which we al­so get the Latin vin­cu­lum and fi­nal­ly the Span­ish vín­cu­lo.

We can we can see that the v‑n of vín­cu­lo maps to the w‑n of wind.


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