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Tur­bio and Dis­turb

Tur­bio, Span­ish for “cloudy”, comes from the same Latin root as the Eng­lish dis­turb: tur­bidus, mean­ing, “tur­moil; full of con­fu­sion; mud­dy.”

It is easy to see how this one root evolved in time in­to both the Eng­lish dis­turb and the Span­ish tur­bio. Think of a cloudy day, just about to rain: the skies are in tur­moil! The Gods are about to fight with one an­oth­er!

We can see the t‑r-b root clear­ly in both. And the Eng­lish tur­bid al­so comes from the same root, al­though that word is used on­ly on the SATs.


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