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Do­ra­do and Au­ro­ra

Do­ra­do, Span­ish for “cov­ered in gold” — think of Mc­Don­alds in Span­ish. Los Ar­cos Do­ra­dos (the gold­en arches–literally!) comes from the Latin de- (“of”) and au­rum, “gold”: gild­ed or gold-cov­ered, lit­er­al­ly means… from gold.

From the same Latin root we al­so get the Eng­lish au­ro­ra, “dawn” or the Ro­man god­dess of the dawn. The morn­ing sun glit­ter­ing in the dis­tance is… shin­ing, just like gold does.

We can see the a‑r root in both words clear­ly!


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