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Domin­go — Sun­day

Sunday domingo english spanish

In the fi­nal of our day-of-the-week com­par­isons, we have Sun­day.

In the Latin lan­guages, it is domin­go, or a vari­a­tion of it. These all come from the Latin for God — Deus. Sun­day, af­ter all, is the tra­di­tion­al Chris­t­ian day of prayer and wor­ship for God. It is lit­er­al­ly God’s Day.

In the Ger­man­ic tra­di­tion — well, in the an­cient Ger­man pan­theon of na­ture Gods, the main God was the Sun him­self. Our Sun­day is quite lit­er­al­ly “sun” — “day”: the day of the sun. The par­al­lel thus con­tin­ues!


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