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Ayu­dar and Young

Al­though ayu­dar (Span­ish for “to help”) sounds lit­tle like the Eng­lish “young”, both have the same great-grand­fa­ther.

Ayu­dar comes from the Latin adi­utare al­so mean­ing “to help”, which in turn comes from ad- (mean­ing “to­wards”) and iu­ve­nis, mean­ing “young”. To help, af­ter all, is — at its core — what those with strength (the young) do for the el­der­ly and those who can’t help them­selves. Iu­ve­nis is of­ten writ­ten with the mod­ern Latin-ish spelling of Ju­ve­nis — ah­hh! Think Ju­ve­nal!

The Latin iu­ve­nis comes from the Pro­to-In­do-Eu­ro­pean root *yeu-, which means “youth, strength”. From that root we get the Ger­man­ic jun­gas, from which we get the Eng­lish young.

So youth, seem­ing­ly every­where, is strong­ly tied to strength; and strength is tied to help­ing those who need it.


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